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"What Doug and Mark Perrin accomplished with Pete Marketos in the case against UPS is one of the great trial stories I have ever heard."

Dan Perez

Dallas Lawyer

Former County Court at Law Judge

I refer all my personal injury cases to The Perrin Law Firm because Doug and Mark care, do a great job, make the clients comfortable, and do it without an ounce of ego.

Kyle Whitaker

Fort Worth Lawyer

When I was referred to attorney Mark Perrin and the Perrin Law Firm for their “specialty practice skills,” I had lost faith in the legal system. I was fearful, disillusioned and skeptical of any attorneys.

Mr. Perrin saw quickly, concisely and with compassion the steps to proceed and avenues to build a potential solution for my ongoing tedious lawsuit. Once engaged, he immediately began to work diligently on my behalf. Since my future was at stake, the surrounding issues were emotional, confusing, frightening, and — in my mind — most unfair; however, realistically, “justice” is not about our perception of fairness, but about PROCEDURE.

Mr. Perrin used his skills to obtain a favorable, workable solution in record time. Most impressive was that he diligently kept my lawsuit on track while being patient with me to keep me on track.

Legal issues, though they may appear straight-forward, are often complex. They always require knowledge, skills, strategy, efficiency and, most importantly, an ethical approach to solutions. Your attorney needs to be honest, hard-working and highly knowledgeable. Most importantly, he must be dedicated and deeply entrenched in the belief in justice, our legal system and your wellbeing.

I have found Mark Perrin to be a man of honor and integrity who is committed to his clients — qualities that make him unique among the attorneys with which I have dealt. Without question, Mr. Perrin has balanced compassion and objectivity, which I find inspiring.

I sincerely appreciate attorney Mark Perrin and the Perrin Law Firm, and highly endorse their good work.

Dana Whitehead Rigg

It is our sincere pleasure to recommend the Perrin Law Firm. Our family received extraordinary care throughout a lengthy legal contest which lasted five years. Not only was the legal work superb, the care and concern for the psychological well being of each member of our family at every step of the way is truly what differentiates the Perrin Law Firm. We feel very blessed to have had the Perrin Law Firm shepherd us through the legal process.

Art and Bridget Kline

“Doug Perrin took on our personal injury case when we had lost our previous attorneys and had only weeks until our trial was to begin. We were up against a large corporation that would not take any responsibility for the devastating injuries my husband sustained in a collision with their vehicle. The Perrin Law Firm took the case they were handed, as critical deadlines had passed and they were limited in what they could do to build the case, and walked us through the process, ultimately obtaining a large verdict in our favor in February 2014. The Perrin Law Firm continues to work diligently on our behalf.”

Rachelle Rankin

Mark Perrin and his associates have proven to be not only very professional lawyers but also extremely caring individuals. From our first meeting until the last, my legal needs were given special attention by all members of the firm. Each part of the team was prepared, knowledgeable, and willing to assist me with any issue. They took the time to explain each part of the process to me and were very patient with my many questions. Not once did I feel that this was just business to Mark and his team — they were truly concerned about me and my needs and I always felt that they were looking out for my best interests.

Lestra Corey

We were involved in a long, complicated dispute with a notoriously difficult insurance company when our attorney became too ill to continue. She had complete confidence in recommending Mark Perrin as her replacement. We’re so glad she did.

It’s absolutely essential to have a competent and ethical attorney representing you in litigation. (If you’ve ever had to deal with an incompetent or unethical attorney, you know exactly what I mean.) I’m not referring to the end result; I mean having an attorney who knows what he’s doing and is a decent, honest, ethical person. That’s a perfect description of Mark Perrin.

We’d been fighting this battle for years before filing suit; I was (and am) seriously ill and dealing with severe chronic pain. Mark was unfailingly supportive at every step, and let us know exactly what to expect. The insurance company’s contract required us to go to mediation before we could take the matter to trial. Thanks to Mark and a good judge, we got a fair settlement offer and were able to avoid going to trial, which could have dragged on for years.

Long Term Disability is a particularly sticky area of law; it’s not something that your family lawyer would normally be able to navigate successfully. If you need help in this (or a related) area, and you want an attorney who is both honest and competent, call Mark Perrin. There are only a handful of people in this world who I’m truly proud to know, and Mark is definitely one of those folks.

Sami Swan Thompson