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Case Results

Although compensation in money is typically the ultimate goal of representation in our clients’ cases, it is not the only result we seek. We also intend to help our clients achieve closure and find a sense of satisfaction and some easing of their burden as a result of our having represented them.

The results set forth below are some, but not all, of our larger results from a monetary perspective. But those results obviously depend on the particular facts and circumstances presented in those cases. Some of our best work has occurred in cases in which the amount we recovered for our client was less than the results set forth below, but was no less significant in our client’s life and no less satisfying for us. Some verdicts or settlements are easier to obtain than others. The size of a settlement or verdict does not necessarily reflect the difficulty of the case or the quality of the legal representation provided.



Rankin v. United Parcel Service, Inc.

Bexar County, Texas - 2014

Our client, riding a bicycle, collided from the back with a UPS truck that was illegally stopped on a rural road. Our client suffered profound injuries. UPS offered $300,000.00 to settle the case, claiming that the collision was our client’s fault. The jury found the parties equally at fault.



Grant County, New Mexico - 2010

Medical malpractice case in Silver City, New Mexico for the death of a woman in her 70s, whose diverticulitis was undiagnosed until it was too late and led to her death (associated with Al Melendez of El Paso, Texas)



Salopek v. Friedman

Dona Ana County, New Mexico - 2012

We assisted Marci Beyer and Dean Cross in the trial of this case. The client ended up with most of his colon removed as a result of the negligence of a general surgeon.



Hoffpauir v. Allsup’s Convenience Store

Chaves County, New Mexico – Federal Court - 1988

The jury found Allsup’s liable for severe injuries to our client sustained when a vehicle went over the curb and pinned him against the store window while he was using a payphone. Partly as a result of this case, Alllsup’s and other convenience stores erected barriers and moved payphones to prevent this from happening again.



Fuller v. Eastern New Mexico Medical Center

Chaves County, New Mexico - 2012

An elderly woman who died due to the failure of doctors to timely diagnose bowel obstruction.



Dallas County, Texas Federal Court

Our client needed a heart transplant. His employer and the insurance company had denied him coverage. With the result described, the client was able to obtain his transplant and support his family.


$1,000,000.00 Settlement for Insurance Coverage, Plus Lifetime Employment Contract, Plus $250,000.00 Cash

Rose v. GMAC and Crenshaw, Dupree & Milam

El Paso County, Texas

This was a case against a law firm in Lubbock, Texas, and GMAC, for fraud on the part of GMAC and a conflict of interest on the part of the law firm.



Bernalillo County, New Mexico

Wrongful death medical malpractice case for failure of a doctor and hospital in Northern New Mexico to properly monitor a 65-year-old patient with COPD, leading to his death.



San Miguel County, New Mexico

Wrongful death of a young woman who went into anaphylactic shock – failure of a nurse at Albuquerque hospital to monitor the patient and recognize the signs of respiratory distress (associated with Michael Augustus of Louisville, Kentucky).



Dallas County, Texas

A dental malpractice case for severing a nerve during a procedure to alleviate TMJ.



Tarrant County, Texas

$500,000 settlement against lawyer without insurance who misappropriated $250,000 of his client's settlement.



Dona Ana County, New Mexico

Settlement for stroke victim whose stroke was not timely diagnosed or treated but made a sufficient recovery to continue working.



Dallas County, Texas

Our client slipped and fell on unreasonably dangerous, wet flooring, resulting in a fracture of the T12 vertebra.



Northern New Mexico

A multi-million settlement for brain-damaged baby with Special Needs Trust to care for the child.


Texas State Office of Administrative Hearings

Obtained full value of contractual lifetime disability benefits for a client whose application for benefits had been rejected