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Legal Malpractice Attorneys in Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Although Doug Perrin has represented a few clients in New Mexico in case against negligent lawyers, almost all of the firm’s legal malpractice cases arise in Texas. The cases the firm has handled in the past have involved lawyers stealing money from their clients, lying to their clients, failing to disclose material facts to their clients, failing to file lawsuits, motions or discovery on time, engaging in conflicts of interest, overbilling their clients, and other sad stories of betrayal or incompetence. Many legal malpractice cases also involve breaches of fiduciary duty, in which the lawyer fails to observe the duties of loyalty and full disclosure which are required of the lawyer.

There are no caps on damages in legal malpractice cases, except as may be imposed by another Texas statute out of which the case may arise or to which it may be connected.

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